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Accounting services for nonprofits

Beyond core accounting work, our firm offers extended value as an accounting service provider for not-for-profit entities. We differentiate ourselves from other firms because we truly understand your needs and how you operate—including day-to-day bookkeeping routines, fund accounting, and the need for orderly and accurate data on-demand.

Our team will serve as your “internal” accounting department to free you and your staff from the hassles of complex, time-intensive accounting tasks. This allows you to focus your time on managing and growing your not-for-profit business.

The tax-exempt industry has been our focus from the start. As a tenured professor at UNCW, Chuck Earney taught governmental and tax exempt accounting for nearly thirty years.

Tax-exempt entity board members and managers face situations that demand insight, technical knowledge, personnel skills, and regulatory expertise. These requirements are diverse and must be met despite limited time and often increasing expectations. Challenges such as these require knowledgeable and experienced individuals who can be used as resources to add insight and detailed information about the various complex financial situations that may arise within a community.

EARNEY, PLLC has addressed this need in our services to tax exempt entities. The Earney team focuses on providing audit and tax services for tax exempt entities of all sizes. Our experience includes conducting audits in accordance with generally accepted auditing principles (GAAS) and preparing tax returns according to Internal Revenue Code.

The collective experience of the Earney professional team makes the firm the best knowledge pool for tax-exempt board members and professional managers. We have conducted seminars on tax exempt best practices for UNCW’s program QENO (Quality Enhancement for Nonprofit Organizations).

Our not-for-profit clients include:

  • Boards of realtors
  • Charitable organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Research and scientific organizations
  • Low-income housing organizations
  • Private and public foundations
  • Private schools
  • Professional and trade organizations
  • Member organizations
  • Museums

We provide the following services:

  • Assurance and accounting
  • Business plans and budgeting
  • Evaluation of grant provisions and reporting
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Financing and funding assistance
  • Operations and financial systems consultation
  • Start-up assistance
  • Tax compliance and consulting services
  • Cyber and information security assessment
Four volunteer workers at a nonprofit organization